Because SediMite™ is designed to cause minimal environmental impact it can be used in areas where a primary goal is to limit destruction of the existing habitat. The most viable remedial applications are listed below:

  • Application to sediments in rivers, lakes, and estuaries where alternatives other than dredging would be preferred.
  • Applications to sensitive environments where it is desirable to minimize habitat disruption (these include contaminated sediments located in aquatic or marine grass beds and wetland

The application on the sediments can be performed in several ways:

Application directly over the sediment surface for eventual mixing into surfical sediments.

This application would reduce contaminant bioavailability at the sediment surface and reduce diffusive flux of contaminants from sediment into overlying water.

Application as a layered active cap.

This application may be appropriate for a site where contaminant upwelling with groundwater is a concern and providing a sand cover is needed to protect the carbon layer from strong hydrodynamic forces.

Application as an amended sand cap.

Such an application would enhance the contaminant retardation capacity of a sanc cap and reduce advective and diffusive